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by Johanna Imhoff, FSUCML graduate student

Day 1 Calm Sunset

We are having beautiful weather as we steam toward our first set of stations on the West Florida Slope. After we had stowed most of our gear securely, fellow FSUCML grad students, Bianca and Brian; UNF grad student Clark; and I sat at the galley table and prepared flagging tape with individual numbers to tag each fish when it comes on board, and vials with the same numbers for storing fin clips and muscle biopsy samples for genetics and stable isotopes research. When we start fishing, our first fish will be RA-16-001 (that stands for Restore Act, as in FL Restore Act Center for Excellence Program, 2016, and the first fish). Bianca also prepared syringes for collecting blood sample for her reproductive and stress physiology research. With the team working together, we got this done pretty quickly and we’ve had time to read, nap, work and acquire our sea legs.

Stay tuned for more information about our research cruise.